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In the ever changing world of Car Stereos, the latest and greatest is just around the corner. Phone & MP3 player integration is the big thing in car stereos. Simple, quick access to your song library with the sound quality as it was meant to be heard. Be sure and check out the new car stereos from ALPINE that focus on just that thing. Get the head unit and then, with the right parts & connectors, you're all set.

Photo of an aftermarket Double Din DVD Car Stereo In-Dash Screen
Photo of an aftermarket Double Din DVD/Navigation Car Stereo In-Dash Screen

Double Din car stereos are the big thing now. That's right, Double Din. Some of the newer cars and trucks from Ford and GM are providing the space now to install that trick new screen that you've always wanted. New car stereos from Pioneer, Alpine and others offer you the features and the display that you've been looking for. Touch screens with DVD playback and Navigation for that totally built-in look for your vehicle.

So you want your bass even louder, with more impact? Then you need to look into some of these new Slot Load enclosures. The bottom end of the band-pass sound but with more Hit and Impact that ever.

Do you want your system to really slam? Then check out the new enclosures from Q-Logic, ProBox, Subzone, and others.

Photo of Alpine Bass Line Car Stereo Subwoofers
Photo of a Rockford Fosgate Car Stereo Amplifier

So......how efficient is your Car Stereo Amplifier? That's right. How efficient? Car Stereo amplifier design has continually improved over the years. And the best manufacturers are finding better ways to turn more and more of that old fashioned amplifier heat into power and they're SMALL! That's right. Less heat with more power and compact enough to make installation a breeze.

Need better sound quality? When you're in the market for that next head unit for your dash, consider the great options that the new car stereos have to offer. Head units still offer CD players, but in the future it will be a dinosaur! MP3's, Streaming Radio, like Pandora & Satellite Radio are taking over and our favorite Alpine head units offer it all! Bluetooth handsfree for your Iphone or Android is available too!

For the latest information on Car Stereos and more, browse around our website!
Photo of Replacement 6 Inch Car Stereo Speakers for doors or rear decks

From building a new subwoofer box to choosing a mono or stereo amplifier for that new car stereo system. Will a power capacitor help? How will you hook your new phone into the various aftermarket car stereos? Or even integrate your Ipod into a factory head unit?

Information for buying car stereos on the net, what to look for to get guaranteed performance and a warranty to back it up. From the latest in navigation systems to powerpacks that can help you get the best sound while building a system using some of the newest aftermarket car stereos. How to tell real car stereo amplifier power ratings versus all the mis-information out there today.

What do you need for that new car stereo system? A CD player? MP3 player? DVD? Speakers? Do you need an amplifier and subwoofers to give that new car stereo some real BOOM? What kind of subwoofer enclosure would be the best for your new car stereo system? Installation parts and accessory info for installing the latest car stereos and amplifiers.

We invite you to look around CarStereos.com for some of this information and more. CarStereos.com strives to provide you with guidelines that should help you in shopping for car stereos or when building that new car stereo system. We hope you find some information here that you can use.

Good luck and thanks for visiting . . . . . www.CarStereos.com

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